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Collect orbs of light using the Clawshot


The STAR Game is a mini-game in Twilight Princess. It is found in Castle Town after completing the Lakebed Temple and obtaining the Clawshot. It is run by Purlo in the STAR Tent. Hannah, Misha, and Kili are very interested in the new game, as well as many other residents of Castle Town.

First Phase

When Link first enters the STAR Tent, Purlo asks him to play for 10 Rupees. The objective is to collect the orbs of light within the time limit. Link can do this with the help of his Clawshot. If Link strategizes and collects all the orbs on time, he will be awarded the Big Quiver, which holds 60 arrows. In addition, Hannah, Misha, and Kili are very excited to see him and drop three Recovery Hearts from then on.

Second Phase

A second phase is unlocked after completing the seventh dungeon, City in the Sky. This time, Link uses the Double Clawshots to fly without stopping on platforms. If Link succeeds, he will receive the Giant Quiver, which holds 100 arrows.

If Link comes back any time after this and beats his best time, he will get an Orange Rupee, which is worth 100 Rupees. This happens whenever he surpasses his high score for an indefinite amount of times.