Jovani's House

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Jovani's House is a location in Twilight Princess. It can be found in the Castle Town South Road, and is the home of Jovani and his cat, Gengle. The only way Link can enter Jovani's House is by transforming into a Wolf and digging in through some soft dirt at the front of the house because the door is locked and cannot be unlocked as a result of Jovani being frozen. Jovani is very rich and there are money all over the floor of the house. This is because he traded his soul to an evil creature for the fortune in his house. Basically, Jovani was greedy, so along with the money, he and Gengle turned to gold. He asks Link to get Poe Souls so that he turns back to himself and Gengle back to their true forms. Once Link gets all 60 Poe Souls, the whole curse breaks and Jovani turns normal. Obtaining 20 Poe Souls will break only part of the curse and free Gengle the cat, who can be spoken to in wolf form afterwards.

Poe Soul Prizes

Jovani's House is the location that Link will receive the prizes for completing the Poe Souls side quest. The amount of Poe Soul required for each prize and the prize itself are all listed in the table below:

Item Name Poe Souls
File:Fairy tears.png
Bottle of Great Fairy's Tears 20
Silver Rupee 60