Peak Province

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Peak Province
The Peak Province in the GCN version



Points of


The Peak Province is one of the six provinces located in Twilight Princess. It is located in the far north of Hyrule, and is home to the fifth Dungeon of the game, the Snowpeak Ruins. It is also the most desolate of all the provinces, home to only the Yetis, Yeto, and Yeta.


Link must catch a Reekfish for Prince Ralis. Upon sniffing it as Wolf Link, he may learns the Reekfish Scent. He may then proceed to the Peak Province. Link will travel to the Peak Province in search of the snowy mountain called Snowpeak. It is here that the Ancient Sages have lead him to in search of the first Mirror Shard.


The Peak Province only contains three locations, which are shown below: