Fyer and Falbi's Watertop Land of Fantastication

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Fyer and Falbi's Watertop Land of Fantastication




Fyer and Falbi


"It's our grand reopening at our new lake-bottom location... Whee."


Fyer and Falbi's Watertop Land of Fantastication is the tourist attraction of Lake Hylia in Twilight Princess. The owners are Fyer and Falbi, two flamboyantly dressed men that used to be circus performers but currently host two mini-games: Fyer's Human-Cannonball Ride and Falbi's Flight-by-Fowl. Both attractions are used to enter and exit the lake. Fyer shoots Link out of Lake Hylia while Falbi lets him fly down into it.


Even though this attraction doesn't serve much purpose in the grand scheme, it can still be useful to Link on his quest. Link can pay a visit to Fyer's attraction, being the large cannon ride, and use it to reach the upper location where Falbi is situated. To successfully enter the cannon, Link must hand Fyer 10 Rupees. Fyer then begins to wind up a large musical box outside, which transforms his house into a large cannon of sorts. Link is then launched high into the air and onto to Falbi's attraction.

Within this specific attractive, Link can speak to Falbi and take part in a Mini-Game of sorts called Falbi's Flight-by-Fowl. Link must hand over 20 Rupees and grab one of the Cuccos located within the interior. The young hero can then jump off the platform and use the Cucco to glide effortlessly over Lake Hylia. Link can glide through large Rupee targets, which, depending on the specific color, can reward Link with different amount of Rupees. However, the main goal is to successfully land on one of the many platforms at the Isle of Riches, as Link can open multiple Treasure Chests and ultimately obtain a Piece of Heart for his troubles.

Later on in the main plot, this location plays a pivotal role in Link reaching the Gerudo Desert. After Link has spoken with Auru, the courageous figure hands him a memo. The young hero can then take this memo and show it to Fyer. Acknowledging the note, Fyer offers Link an alternate ride, called the "Oasis Flight", which is free of charge.