Ordon Ranch

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Ordon Ranch

Ordon Ranch is the local ranch of the Ordona Province in Twilight Princess. This is where Link works alongside his employer, Fado. The Ordon Ranch is located at the southernmost part of the Ordona Province, and the landscape surrounding it is very mountainous almost replicating a valley.


This location is a very critical at the beginning of the game, as it is where Link spends most of his time. During the start of the game, Link is asked by Fado to round up ten goats before sundown.[1] Immediately before Link is scheduled to leave for Hyrule, he must once again round up the goats; however, this time there are twenty. This is the last time Link is able to enter the Ranch before the cloud of Twilight shrouds the majority of Hyrule.

Once Link has returned to Ordona in order to get advice from Mayor Bo about the Gorons, he can return to the ranch and work for Fado one more time. If Link herds the goats faster than his previous times, Fado rewards the young hero with a Piece of Heart.[2][3]


  • After Link has obtained the Shadow Crystal, he can return to the Ordon Ranch and enter the barn. Inside, he can dig in a soft spot of soil. The young hero can find a very rare Golden Chu here.



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