Kakariko Village (Twilight Princess)

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This article is about the settlement from Twilight Princess. For Kakariko Village in other games, see Kakariko Village. For other uses, see Kakariko (Disambiguation).

Kakariko Village is a settlement in Twilight Princess.

Twilight Princess


In Twilight Princess, Kakariko Village is the main village of the Eldin Province, the second province visited in the game. Many people moved away from the village after the Shadow Beast attack, thus it seems rather empty. Through the events of the game, Twilight covers the village, and Link gathers Tears of Light to restore it.

The village is situated at the foot of Death Mountain. Its climate appears to be warm and lacking abundant plant life. Kakariko is found in the far west, and the far east in the Wii version.

The village itself is the second largest human establishment seen in Twilight Princess, second only to Castle Town. The Eldin Spring is located at the south end of the village. Three different shops can also be found in Kakariko. Barnes Bombs sells many types of bombs, Malo Mart is founded by Malo after light returns to the village and sells many items including the Hylian Shield. There is also a shop, ran by a young Goron at night who sells potions. In addition to a few empty residence homes and the Sanctuary, there is the Elde Inn, the village hotel, and a hot spring above the village.

Kakariko also has its own Graveyard, where Link can find a secret entrance to King Zora's Grave, a Piece of Heart, and two Poe Souls.

Two Golden Bugs are also hidden in Kakariko Village. One is inside an abandoned household, and the other is in the graveyard, at the base of a tree.

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Link's Crossbow Training

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