Sera's Sundries

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Sera's Sundries

Sera's Sundries is a shop in Twilight Princess. It is the local shop of the Ordon Village, and the owners are the "rich" people of the town. The owners include Sera, Hanch (Sera's husband), and Beth, Sera's and Hanch's daughter. The shop is located very close to the entrance of Ordon Village. From the entrance, it is directly to the right (Wii).


Link first encounters this shop during the prologue. The children of Ordon talk of an item known as the Slingshot,[1] which is sold at Sera's Sundries. Talo says he's desperate to get his hands on one but he doesn't have enough Rupees.[2] Upon arrival at the shop, Link is unable to purchase anything during this time because Sera is too distressed about her cat, who has gone missing.[3] Once Link has completed a series of mini-quests around the village, he is able to return Sera's cat. Link can now purchase the Slingshot. This allows the young hero to advance in the plot, although Sera tells Link he is too old for toys and asks that he let the children play with the Slingshot, too.[4]

Products & Prices

Sera's Sundries sells four items:

Item Name Cost (Rupees)
Slingshot 30
Bee Larva 20
Milk 10
Lantern Oil 20



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