Kakariko Hot Spring

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Kakariko Hot Spring

"Anyone and everyone is welcome. Soak slowly to warm your heart!"

— The sign beside the spring

The Kakariko Hot Spring is a location that appears in Twilight Princess. It is found within the second province of the game, Eldin. More specifically, the Hot Spring is situated on the rooftops of the Elde Inn towards the east (Wii) side of Kakariko Village. Only two specific Gorons reside within this area, as most of the tribe use the Death Mountain Hot Spring as a way to relax.


This spring, very much like the Hot Spring at Death Mountain, serves no real purpose to the main plot. However, Link can venture off from his main quest and traverse the rooftops of the Elde Inn and visit the Hot Spring. Here, Link can relax within the warm waters and recover his hearts. Link can also store the Hot Spring Water in an Empty Bottle for later usage. Hot Spring Water can be very effective for Link on his quest as drinking it replenishes all his hearts; however, it cools if not consumed within three minutes.

After Link has completed the treacherous Goron Mines, he can encounter two Gorons relaxing in the spring, a father and his son.[1] These specific Gorons are very kind to Link and tell him about their shop that they run within the village at night.[2]


  1. "Hoooo... A good, warm soak is just what my muscles need before evening falls, Brother!" — Goron, Twilight Princess.
  2. "I sell stuff across from the bomb shop at night. I hope to see you there, Brother!" — Goron, Twilight Princess.