Hot Spring Water

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Hot Spring Water
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20 Rupees (Twilight Princess)


Thawing ice (Majora's Mask)
Growing plants (The Minish Cap)
Restoring health (Twilight Princess)


Hot Spring Water is a recurring item in The Legend of Zelda series. It is usually found in a hot spring. It has healing abilities and is often associated with Gorons.


See also: Hot Spring

Majora's Mask

Hot Spring Water can be found in underground areas of Snowhead. Its heat can be used to melt ice and snow. It can be stored in a Bottle. However, if it is not used quickly, it will cool down and become regular Water.[1][2] Unlike in later games, it does not heal Link if he is immersed in it.

The Goron Elder can be found in a frozen snow boulder in the Mountain Village, and if Link pours Hot Spring Water on him, the ice will thaw and the Goron Elder will be freed. Link then informs the Goron Elder about his son, and he teaches Link the Goron Lullaby to calm his son down.

Hot Spring Water can also be found in the Goron Graveyard. If Link pushes Darmani's tomb, Hot Spring Water will come boiling out of the ground and fill up the room.

The Minish Cap

Main article: Mt. Crenel Mineral Water

In the European version of The Minish Cap, Mt. Crenel Mineral Water is known as Hot Spring Water. This Water can be stored in a Bottle and is necessary to grow some plants in the Mt. Crenel area. It can be delivered to a Forest Minish.

Twilight Princess

Hot Spring Water can be acquired in any of the two hot springs around Hyrule. Link can also purchase it from the Hot Springwater Shop. It heals all of Link's hearts if he drinks it, but hot springs also heal Link if he simply stands in the Water.[3] Hot Spring Water stored in a Bottle cools after three minutes and loses its potency in that time. Afterwards, it becomes regular Water.[4]

A Goron on the Castle Town South Road complains that there is no bridge for the transportation of Hot Spring Water to Castle Town South Road. After Link aids Malo Mart in establishing a shop in Castle Town and creating the bridge to the location, the Goron is found sitting on the edge of the bridge moping. He claims to not have the strength or motivation to retrieve Water from Death Mountain.

Link's job is then to speak to Gor Liggs, who hears about the Goron and his son's plight. He then hands Link a gargantuan barrel full of Hot Spring Water to dump on top of the Goron to lift his spirits and give him new strength. He must then navigate through the perilous Hyrule Field while holding the barrel over his head and reach the West Castle Town Bridge, where he must throw it on top of the Goron. After being drenched in re-invigorating Hot Spring Water, the Goron storms off and leaves behind a Piece of Heart.

He soon opens up a shop in the Castle Town South Road and gives Link a free Bottle of Hot Spring Water.


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