Death Mountain Hot Spring

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Death Mountain Hot Spring

The Death Mountain Hot Spring is a location that appears in Twilight Princess. The spring is situated within the second province of the game, Eldin, on the Death Mountain trail. Several Gorons reside within this area, as they relax within the warm soothing water. This is one of two Hot Springs featured in the game, the other being the Kakariko Hot Spring. However, this specific Hot Spring appears to be considerably larger and much more efficient for the Gorons to use.


Even though the spring doesn't hold any real significance to the plot, Link can still visit the area and encounter several relaxing Gorons. These Gorons, in particular, are very kind to the young hero and provide him with useful information, which can help him advance on his quest. To the far end of the spring lies the Hot Spring Shop. Here Link can buy a range of useful items that might prove pivotal to him when navigating the treacherous and evil infested Goron Mines. The shop sells the likes of Arrows, Lantern Oil, Milk, and a Wooden Shield. Link can also bottle the water within the spring and use it to replenish three hearts; however if not consumed within three real-life minutes it cools down and becomes normal water.