Lantern Oil

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Lantern Oil is an obtainable item found in Twilight Princess. It can be used to refill Link's Lantern, allowing it to work. Without the use of Lantern Oil, the Lantern would not be able to operate.[1] It can be bought in most shops across Hyrule, including Sera's Sundries, where it costs 20 Rupees a Bottle.[2] It can also be found in various dungeons, such as Arbiter's Grounds.




  1. "You scooped up some lantern oil into a bottle! You can't light your lantern without this precious fuel. To fill your lantern with fuel, equip the lantern and use the oil with [+]." — In-game description, Twilight Princess.
  2. "[ 8C]Lantern Oil 20 Rupees You need this fuel to light your lantern, so it's best to keep some handy, m'dear." — Sera, Twilight Princess.
  3. "You put yellow Chu Jelly in your bottle! With your lantern equipped, set it to [+] on the ["-"] screen and use it to fill your lantern." — In-game description, Twilight Princess.