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The Slingshot from Skyward Sword



Ocarina of Time
Inside the Deku Tree
Oracle of Seasons
Dancing Dragon Dungeon
Four Swords Adventures
Almost every Level
Twilight Princess
Sera's Sundries
Skyward Sword
Faron Woods


Twilight Princess
30 Rupees
Skyward Sword


Stunning distant enemies
Activating certain objects


Slingshots are recurring items in The Legend of Zelda series. They are not particularly powerful and are usually replaced fairly quickly by Bows.

Ocarina of Time

Main article: Fairy Slingshot

Found Inside the Deku Tree, this Slingshot can hold up to 30 seeds. Using it puts Link into a first-person perspective, and all shots arc downward after traveling a while.

Link can upgrade his Deku Seeds Bullet Bag twice:

Each upgrade increases the capacity by 10, to a maximum of 50 seeds.

Oracle of Seasons

The Slingshot is the dungeon item found in the Dancing Dragon Dungeon. There are five types of ammunition: Ember Seeds, Mystery Seeds, Scent Seeds, Pegasus Seeds and Gale Seeds. Each seed has its own ability and attack power. This item is later replaced by the Hyper Slingshot found in the Sword & Shield Maze.

Four Swords Adventures

The Slingshot is an item found in various levels in Four Swords Adventures. This item functions similarly to its previous incarnations, but can be charged in order to make the seeds fly farther, and has unlimited ammo. If given to the Great Fairy and upgraded to level 2, it will allow Link to fire the Slingshot from 3 different directions at once.

Twilight Princess

The Slingshot in Twilight Princess is sold by Sera at her shop in Ordon Village, Sera's Sundries, for 30 Rupees.[1] Link can purchase it once he has used the Fishing Rod to catch two Greengills, one of which Sera's cat will take back to their master. If Link then enters Sera's Sundries, Sera will be very happy, telling Link her cat caught a fish all by himself.[2] Because she is so happy, she will give Link a Bottle of Milk.[3] Now that Sera is happy again, Link can shop at her shop again, and subsequently the Slingshot.

After purchasing the Slingshot, Link can head to the small area where his house can be found. Here, Malo, Talo, and Beth will be very excited to see Link has the Slingshot.[4] They will then set up a sort of targeting practice area, where the goal is to shoot down all the targets and scarecrow.[5] After shooting them all, the kids will be amazed.[6] This part serves as the tutorial for the Slingshot, allowing Link to learn how to use it in a way that seems part of the story.

It functions the same way as the Hero's Bow in Twilight Princess, except that it arcs downward after a while. It is most useful against Walltulas, as they usually hang on vines and cannot be defeated with a sword. After Link acquires the Hero's Bow from the Goron Mines, the Slingshot loses most of its utility since the Bow can be used in its place to a more effective degree.

Skyward Sword

Link obtains the Slingshot after finding the Kikwi elder's friends. Unlike the Bow and Arrow, the Slingshot only requires Link to point and shoot with the Wiimote, so the Slingshot is not too different from the Twilight Princess version. Link will simply take aim and shoot. This allows Link to fire at enemies quickly in battle when he cannot take the time to aim with the Bow, due to its aiming mechanism.

The Slingshot can be upgraded to the Scattershot with 3 Jelly Blobs, 2 Amber Relics, and 2 Dusk Relics.



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