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Fixes the windmill in Skyloft

The Propeller, also known as the Windmill Propeller, is an item that appears in Skyward Sword. It is necessary to reach the Isle of Songs inside of the Thunderhead.


After completing the Lanayru Mining Facility and locating the second Gate of Time, Link returns to Skyloft to learn the lyrics of the Ballad of the Goddess, which supposedly contain a clue to finding the Sacred Flames.[1] Gaepora teaches them to him, and he discovers that it mentions to two whirling sails, which represent the two windmills on Skyloft.[2] Link must make both windmills face the Light Tower by spinning the propeller on each with the Gust Bellows. However, the propeller of the second windmill is gone. Jakamar explains that it fell beneath the clouds to the Surface long ago.[3] However, he tells Link that he will fix it if he can find it.[4] He then suggests that Link speaks with Gondo, who claims that he has a robot that can retrieve things from the Surface.[5]

Gondo tells Link that the robot's name is Scrapper, but he is broken and no longer functional.[6] Fortunately, Gondo can fix him if Link gives him an Ancient Flower.[7] At first, Scrapper refuses to help Link, but when he meets Fi he finally relents.[8][9][10] Fi tells Link that he can search for the propeller using Dowsing.[11]

Link finds the propeller in Eldin Volcano, near the entrance to the Earth Temple and beside a tower that Link collapsed while looking for the Pieces of the Key. Fi sends a telepathic message to Scrapper, and he takes the item and waits for them in The Sky.[12][13][14] When Link returns, Scrapper drops off the propeller and Jakamar fixes the windmill.[15][16] Link can finally use the Gust Bellows to turn it toward the Light Tower, which will raise a platform that opens a pathway inside the Thunderhead once Link plays the Ballad of the Goddess.


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