Life Medal

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Life Medal



Gives Link an extra heart


Life Medals are items from Skyward Sword that act as an extra Heart Container when placed in the Adventure Pouch.[1] Link must carry both Life Medals in order to reach the maximum of twenty hearts.

One Life Medal can be purchased from Beedle for 800 Rupees, or 400 Rupees if he slashes the price.[2] The other is found in a chest from a Goddess Cube.


  1. "You got the Life Medal! Your maximum number of hearts is increased by one as long as you carry this with you. You can always keep it with you at times when you think you'll need it most." — In-Game Description, Skyward Sword.
  2. "That's a Life Medal! It bestows a bunch of mysterious and mystical effects on whoever carries it! What kind of effects...? Don't ask me-- I don't actually know! You should find out for yourself. Today, I'm slashing the price and offering it half off! Usually 800 Rupees, now just 400 Rupees! Want it?
    OK! :No, thanks." — Beedle, Skyward Sword.