Dodoh's Party Wheel

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Dodoh's Party Wheel




Allows Dodoh to run his mini-game

Dodoh's Party Wheel is a side-quest item featured in Skyward Sword.

Side Quest

Once Link has travelled inside the Thunderhead and landed on the Isle of Songs, he can learn the second of the five songs in the game, Farore's Courage. After leaving, he can land on Fun Fun Island and see Dodoh hunched over and sad, not his usual self. Talking to him will reveal that his party wheel, the one pinned to his back, has fallen down below the clouds.[1] He also says that without his party wheel, there's no way anyone can have fun on his island.[1] He then comes to the conclusion that he should just give up on it.[1] Link can try to cheer him up by suggesting he could go look for it, but this will only result in Dodoh being forced to face the fact that since it fell below the clouds that it's impossible to get back.[2] He then states, more to himself than Link, that it would be wonderful if someone were able to get it for him.[3] Just before Link leaves, he throws in one last statement, which is that he isn't going to get his hopes up.[3] With that, Link will be told by Fi that it is likely the Party Wheel fell into the Lanayru Desert region.[4] With this information, Link can proceed to the Lanayru Desert, where his Dowsing ability will lead him directly to the Party Wheel, which is located on the higher ledge near the entrance to Lanayru Mine. Once he has found it, Fi will ask Link if he would like her to call for Scrapper.[5] She will, and Scrapper will proceed to grab the wheel and tell Link and Fi that he will wait for them in The Sky.[6] Once Link has safely landed on Dodoh's island, Scrapper will place the wheel right in front of Dodoh, and tell Link to call him again is he needs something else.[7] The moment Dodoh sees the party wheel, he enters a small state of shock, hardly believing his eyes.[8] He thanks Link for retrieving it,[9] and offer Link a free go on his mini-game, which is entitled Dodoh's High Dive.[10] However, all of Link's subsequent plays will require a 20 Rupee fee.


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