Goddess Sword

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Goddess Sword

The Goddess Sword is an item found in Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild. A powerful sword, the Goddess Sword is used by Link in many ways during his quest. The Goddess Sword is inhabited by Fi, a spirit created by the Goddess. The Goddess Sword itself is named after Her Grace, the Goddess.


Skyward Sword


The Goddess Sword has many abilities, some not seen in other weapons in the series. One of its powers is its ability to allow Link to travel between Skyloft and Hyrule. If Link holds the sword skyward, it allows him to perform a Skyward Strike. If Link slices a Goddess Cube with the Skyward Strike, the cube is sent to the sky, opening a Goddess Chest. Link does not need full health to use a Skyward Strike, as he does in other games for the Sword Beam. The Goddess Sword also allows Link to use Dowsing. While Dowsing, the sword leads Link towards whatever item/person he chooses.


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The Goddess Sword was created by the goddess Hylia, who also created the spirit of the sword, Fi. Throughout the game, Link is tasked with turning the Goddess Sword into the Master Sword. It is done by the Sacred Flames located in Ancient Cistern, Sandship, and the Fire Sanctuary. After that, it is blessed by the goddess to be able to achieve its true form. The Master Sword is a constant reoccurring trademark in The Legend of Zelda series, and thus it plays one of the biggest parts in Skyward Sword.

Alternate Forms

Throughout Link's quest, he upgrades the Goddess Sword to give it special powers and ultimately make it fit for battle against the Demon King.

The upgrades are, in order:

Breath of the Wild

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"A sword said to have once belonged to a hero from the sky. Its blade houses the fire of the Goddess. When wielded, a strange yet heavenly breeze kicks up around you."

— In-Game Description

The Goddess Sword makes a reappearance in Breath of the Wild as an amiibo exclusive weapon, obtained by scanning the Link - Skyward Sword amiibo. It has a base power of 28. In appearance, it is near-identical to the version from Skyward Sword.