Sword of the Six Sages

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Sword of the Six Sages

Base Power





Two-Handed Weapon

"The Six Sages are said to have forged this longsword to seal a demon king in the world where the hero fought against the beasts of twilight. The blade shines with a holy luster."

— In-Game Description

The Sword of the Six Sages is an amiibo exclusive weapon found in Breath of the Wild. It can be obtained by scanning a Ganondorf amiibo, through the use of the amiibo Rune. Scanning the amiibo will drop various items from the sky, along with a treasure chest, which has a chance of containing the Sword of the Six Sages, but can also contain different items. The amiibo can only be scanned once per day.

The sword itself is a two-handed weapon, with a base power of 48. It represents the sword used by Ganondorf in Twilight Princess.