Hero of Twilight Set

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"This outfit was worn by the hero who battled the beasts of twilight. There seems to be some hair clinging to it that looks like it may be from a wolf. Chain mail lines the tunic."

Creating a Champion, page 193

The Hero of Twilight Set (AKA Set of Twilight or Twilight Set) is an Armor set from Breath of the Wild, designed after Link's Hero's Clothes from Twilight Princess.


Breath of the Wild

The Hero of Twilight Set is obtained through the use of the amiibo rune and scanning either the Link (Super Smash Bros) amiibo or the Link (Twilight Princess) amiibo. The Amiibo can only be scanned once per day and the drop chance for getting an armor piece hovers around 10-20%. This armor set resembles Link's outfit from Twilight Princess.

Because the amiibo rune is available shortly after obtaining the Sheikah Slate, this armor set can be obtained very early in the game.


Image Item
Cap of Twilight
Tunic of Twilight
Trousers of Twilight


Tier Armor Materials
5 1 x Topaz
1 x Star Fragment
★★ 8 3 x Topaz
1 x Star Fragment
★★★ 12 5 x Topaz
1 x Star Fragment
★★★★ 20 10 x Topaz
1 x Star Fragment

Required amiibo