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Usurper King
King of Twilight[1]
King of Shadows[2]






Zant is the secondary antagonist in Twilight Princess, although for most of the game, he appears to be the main villain. Zant is unusual to the Twili race, a race that was banished to the Twilight Realm as a result of their ancestors attempting to seek domain over the Sacred Realm. Zant claims himself to be the King of Twilight, but his power is a false one, as Princess Midna is the rightful leader. During the beginning of the game, Zant seems to be a steady figure, barely showing any emotion or weakness. However, during the boss fight he unravels, showing his true personality.


Dark Interlopers

Zant is a descendant of a group of sorcerers named the Interlopers. This tribe excelled in shadow magic and intended to use the power of the Fused Shadow to seek domain over the Sacred Realm.[3] However, the three Light Spirits of Hyrule intervened, taking the Fused Shadows and breaking them into four separate fragments.[4] With the power of the Fused Shadows gone from their grasp, the tribe was left powerless. They were chased across the lands of Hyrule and were driven into another Realm by the Light Spirits. Over time the Interlopers eventually evolved into a peaceful tribe known as the Twili.

The Twili race became gentle creatures and over time a monarchy was established in order to lead the tribe. Zant had been an unusual to the monarchy of the Palace for many years.[5] He was meant to be next in line to ascend the throne, but it was Princess Midna, chosen by her father, the former king of the Twilit Kingdom, as the true leader, now to be known as the Twilight Princess.[6][7] As his indignation of the royal clan of the kingdom grew,[8] Zant, distraught by this news, looked to the heavens for an answer.[9] It was at this moment that he was gifted a mysterious foreign power by his supposed god.

This power was gifted to Zant by Ganondorf, who had previously escaped his imprisonment in Arbiter's Grounds. Due to his failed execution, the remaining Sages decided the only option now was to seal Ganondorf into the Twilight Realm. Ganondorf housed his power into Zant at one request, that he merge light with shadow, therefore creating complete darkness.[10] Zant took this power and usurped the throne of the Twilight Realm. With this false power, Zant turned the realm's inhabitants into mindless Shadow Beasts and Midna into an imp.[11] Zant then proceeded to invade Hyrule Castle and force Princess Zelda to give up the throne. In a plan to shroud the Kingdom in Twilight, the King of Shadows sent out the devilish Shadow Beasts and ordered them to steal the light from the provinces across Hyrule. The Kingdom now became a world suspended in perpetual Twilight.[12]


Spoiler Alert! This section describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.

Link gets caught up in Zant's evil plot during the end of the prologue. King Bulblin and his army of Bulblins invade the safety of the Ordona Province, attacking Link and its inhabitants. Link later on wakes up after being left unconscious, realizing that both Colin and Ilia have been taken. Link proceeds to head over the bridge and onto Faron Province, but instead he is faced with a curtain of Twilight. A Shadow Beast then drags the young hero into the Twilight-filled province of Faron, thus starting the events of the main plot.

Zant invading Hyrule Castle

Link first hears about the whereabouts of Zant when escaping his imprisonment in Hyrule Castle. Midna assists the young hero in reaching the tower where Princess Zelda resides. She tells Link about how Zant invaded the safe confines of the castle where she was forced to give up the throne.[13] Zelda also explains to Link how Hyrule is covered in perpetual Twilight, and all of its inhabitants have turned into helpless spirits, who know only fear.[14] Later on in the game, after restoring the light to Faron Province, the Light Spirit, Faron, tells Link about a dark power that lies in the Forest Temple.[15] This is a fragment of the Fused Shadows, and Faron tells Link that he must use this dark withered power to defeat the King of the Shadows, Zant.[16]

Link first encounters Zant after collecting the third and final piece of the Fused Shadow from the Lakebed Temple.[17] Zant halts Link and Midna as they exit. The Light Spirit, Lanayru, tries to intervene, but Zant once again steals the light, thus restoring Twilight to the province. Zant also takes the Fused Shadows from Midna, calling them an old and withered power, proclaiming that his power is new and was granted to him by his god.[18] Wolf Link tries to attack Zant, but, in the process, Zant uses his dark powers to curse Link, meaning he is now suspended in beast form. The Usurper King then goes on to tell Midna of his desires, and that darkness and light will meet at last while asking the cursed imp to join him on his quest.[19] After Midna refuses to aid Zant, he manipulates the Light Spirit Lanayru to return Midna to the Light World, leaving Midna an inch away from death.[20]

Later on in the plot, Link and Midna find the whereabouts of the Mirror of Twilight, hidden within Arbiter's Grounds. This is the only connection to the Twilight Realm, so Link has to pass through the grounds to reach the Mirror Chamber. Upon navigating through the dungeon, Link finds the remains of a skeletal being covered in sand. Zant appears and is surprised that the young hero has made this far, he then explains to Link that this is the last time they shall meet alive.[21] The King of Shadows then pulls out the Twilight Sword and thrusts it into the skull of the remains. This brings the seemingly dead being to life and this is the fourth boss of the game, Stallord. Upon defeating Stallord, Link makes his way up to the Mirror Chamber where he finds the mirror broken. The Ancient Sages tell the young hero that this was the work of a dark power that once resided within the demon thief Ganondorf.[22] The Sages also tell Link that they previously sealed Ganondorf within the Twilight Realm and that this could be the source of Zant's power.[23]

Palace of Twilight

After collecting the three Mirror Shards, Link and Midna are now able to access the Twilight Realm and confront Zant. Upon entering the realm, Link has to restore the two Sols to the plaza. Each Sol is found on the opposing ends of the Palace. Once the Sols have been returned to their original position it powers up Link's Master Sword. The Sols' power allows Link to use the Master Sword to clear up the shadows that block the entrance to Zant's Palace.[24] Link advances to the northern palace where he confronts Zant. Upon entering the throne room, Zant explains his hatred for the Light World, saying they trapped his people like insects in a cage.[25] He also explain his frustrations with not becoming king and how he was gifted power by his god, Ganondorf, who was ultimately using Zant.

After Link defeats Zant, he explains that the curse set up on Midna cannot be broken. This curse was put on her by his god, Ganondorf, who is now reborn in the Light World. Zant proclaims that as long as he lives, Ganondorf shall resurrect him.[26] It is at this moment that Midna wields the complete power of the Fused Shadow to ultimately kill Zant. However, after the defeat of Ganondorf, Zant can be seen snapping his neck upon Ganondorf's death. This could be seen as symbolism of the betrayal.


Main article: Zant (Boss)
Zant boss fight

Zant is one of the longer boss fights in Twilight Princess and the battle itself is composed of six stages. Each stage of the fight takes place at a different boss battle location, including the Forest Temple, Goron Mines, Lakebed Temple, and more.[27]

Non-Canon Appearances

This section describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Zant Trophy SSBB.png

Zant makes a small appearance in Nintendo's flagship fighting game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. In this game, Zant can be unlocked randomly in the form of a trophy, along with a brief description on the villain himself: "The self-proclaimed king of twilight. Zant is the ringleader scheming to cover Hyrule in twilight. Zant long served under the royal family of the Twilight Realm. Ganondorf grants great power to Zant in exchange for his allegiance, and Zant makes it his ultimate goal to become the supreme leader of both light and dark."

Zant can also be obtained in the form of a sticker, which in the Subspace Emissary can give any given The Legend of Zelda character a plus seven increase in weapon attacks.

Hyrule Warriors

"The accursed usurper of the Twilight Realm is a force to be reckoned with when he rips through enemies with his curved blades."

Zant is a playable character in Hyrule Warriors. He wields dual Scimitars and attacks by slashing them at his foes. His combos are reminiscent of his move-set in Twilight Princess like when he enlarges himself to several times his size to stomp on his enemies. He can also summon a Zant Mask or a Zant's Hand to attack his foes. Zant's antics and wacky personality are transferred as well, signified by his over the top animations and play style. In Legend Mode, he is on the side of the villains, but he can only be unlocked by completing the correct mission in Adventure Mode.


  • Zant plays a similar role to Agahnim from A Link to the Past and Ghirahim from Skyward Sword, as he plays the role of a puppet to the main antagonist.
  • Within the boss battle against Zant, each stage replicates a previous boss, using similar items and strategies.
  • During the death of Ganondorf, Zant appears before Ganon and snaps his neck. This could be interpreted as a break in the bond of power that the two shared or a symbol of revenge.



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