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Marin is a character who appears in the game Link's Awakening. She is the daughter of Tarin and lives in Mabe Village on Koholint Island. Marin is a girl with a mischievous side who likes to sing the Ballad of the Wind Fish and enjoys staring at the ocean.[1][2] Unlike the other inhabitants of Koholint, she dreams of seeing the world beyond their island.[3] She also bears a striking resemblance to both Malon and Princess Zelda.[4][5] When Link washes up on the beach, Marin discovers him and brings him back to her house, taking care of him until he wakes up.[6]

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 マリン (Marin)
United States English Marin
France Française Marine
Spain Español Marin
Germany Deutsch Marin


Spoiler Alert! This section describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.
Artwork of Marin discovering Link

Link's Arrival

When Link first arrives on Koholint, Marin finds him unconscious at Toronbo Shores and takes him back to Mabe Village. At first, Link mistakes Marin for Zelda.[7] Link heads back to the beach to retrieve his sword. When he returns, Marin is standing by the weathercock at the Flying Rooster's resting place. She explains that her father has gone into the Mysterious Forest to look for mushrooms, but she stayed behind to sing.[8]

The Ballad of the Wind Fish

Soon after obtaining the Pegasus Boots, Link can complete the Dream Shrine and receive the Ocarina. If he speaks with Marin while he has the ocarina, she asks him to accompany her as she sings.[9] Link then learns the Ballad of the Wind Fish, which is required to finish the game.

Animal Village

Once Link has completed Key Cavern, he tries to go to Yarna Desert to obtain the Angler Key. However, the path is blocked by a large sleeping Walrus. The people of Animal Village suggest that Link get Marin to sing for him, because the Walrus loves her music.[10]

Link finds Marin sitting on Toronbo Shores, one of her favorite places to visit, staring at the ocean.[11] She asks if he will sit next to her and talk.[12] If he agrees, she talks about how her father believes there is nothing beyond Koholint and how excited she was when she discovered Link.[13] She admits her secret wish to become a seagull so that she could fly away.[14] Afterward, she agrees to go to Animal Village to awaken the Walrus, talking a lot along their travels.[15][16]

Marin Futabasha DX Guide.png

The people of Animal Village are very fond of Marin. They call her "Little Marin" and become very excited when she arrives, greeting her eagerly.[17][18] Link and Marin head to the path with the Walrus in East of the Bay and Marin sings for him. The Walrus awakens with a start.[19] After that, one of the Rabbits from the village calls to Marin.[20] She decides to stay in Animal Village for a while.[21] The animals all gather around to hear her sing and are completely captivated by her song.[22] The animals always enjoy listening to her, and she goes to the village often.[23]

Traveling with Marin

While Link is traveling with Marin, there are a few events or pieces of dialogue that are permanently missable if not activated during this time.

  • If Link and Marin go to the Trendy Game, she asks to play.[24] If he accepts, she uses the crane to pick up the Trendy Gamester. He declares that she must be a pro and that pros are not allowed.[25]
  • Many of the Island Quadruplets comment on the fact that they are traveling together.[26]
  • When Link takes out the Ocarina and plays a song, Marin says that it's not very good and then quickly tries to pretend she didn't say anything.[27]
  • At first, when Link attacks a Cucco, Marin expresses concern for the animal.[28] She continues to say the same line for a while until finally she says, "Do it! Do it moooore!"[29]
  • She makes comments when Link digs with the Shovel, looks through people's drawers, or breaks pots.[30][31][32]
  • Marin refuses to enter a dungeon with Link.[33] When he returns, she asks if he is hurt.[34] If his hearts are low, she is horrified and declares that he is reckless.[35]


Photograph of Link and Marin on Toronbo Shores

In the DX version of the game, the Photographer takes three different pictures of Link and Marin together. These photographs cannot be obtained after Link awakens the Walrus and Marin leaves him.

  • At Toronbo Shores, Link and Marin stand on a cliff together, looking out at the ocean. Marin comments on how this is their first walk together.[36] She says that this can be their secret place.[37] The photographer captures the moment and adds it to the Photo Album.[38][39]
  • When Link falls down the well near the entrance to the Mysterious Forest, Marin tumbles after him and crushes him. She quickly apologizes.[40] The Photographer happens to be there, so he takes a photo and calls it "Heads Up!"[41]
  • If Link and Marin pose in front of the weathercock, Tarin arrives and says that everyone should be in the picture, including him.[42] The Photographer tells everyone to "Say mushroom!"[43]

Encounter in the Tal Tal Mountain Range

Meeting Marin at the Tal Tal Mountain Range

On his way to Turtle Rock after finishing Eagle's Tower, Link finds Marin trapped on a bridge in the Tal Tal Mountain Range, pleading for help and bemoaning her fear of heights.[44][45] She claims that monsters put her there.[46][47] Link can save her by using the Hookshot on the platform behind her.[48] Afterward, she is slightly surprised but she thanks him and begins to tell him something, but then Tarin shows up and calls for her.[49] The Owl then reveals that Marin had sung the ballad for the Wind Fish.[50]

Upon returning to Mabe Village, Link will find Marin near the weathercock again. After thanking him for everything he has done, she admits that she made a wish to the Wind Fish, but she refuses to tell him what it was.[51] She also says that she knows that he will leave someday, and she asks him to never forget her.[52]


Once Link awakens the Wind Fish, Koholint Island and everyone in it, including Marin, turn out to be a dream.[53] However, if the game is completed without a single death, in the end cutscene, Marin makes a special appearance. In the original game, she is seen flying across the screen with a pair of wings. In the DX version and 2019 remake, her face briefly appears in the sky, before fading away into the outline of a seagull. This likely refers to the conversation that Link had with Marin on the beach, where she wished she could become a seagull to fly away from Koholint.

Non-Canon Appearances

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Marin trophy.png

In Super Smash Bros. Melee, Marin is depicted as a trophy. It can be obtained by unlocking the Sound Test. The trophy's description reads this:

Marin is a young girl who cares for Link after a shipwreck washes him up on the shores of Koholint Island. She's a talented harpist, well liked for her kind and gentle nature. She holds fast to the ideals of truth and honor; if Link happens to steal something during his adventure, she greets him with a shout of "THIEF!"

Hyrule Warriors

Marin is a character in Hyrule Warriors. She is unlocked by purchasing the Link's Awakening DLC pack in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends,[54] or can be unlocked by completing square E-3 of the Koholint Island Map in Adventure Mode in Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition. She uses the water-element Bell as a weapon, which allows her to use music and waves of water to attack her enemies. In some of her combos and special attacks, she summons the Wind Fish, and she can be heard singing the Ballad of the Wind Fish when she leaves Focus Spirit early. She is weak to lightning-element damage.

Likely due to being a later DLC character, Marin has no additional costumes. When defeated, Marin drops the same materials as Zelda. The silver drop is Zelda's Brooch and the gold drop is Zelda's Tiara.

HW Marin Bell.png


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To complete all of Marin's badges in Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, the player must collect the following materials:




For more specific badge requirements, see the Badge Market page.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Marin appears as a support spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. She is obtainable by fighting a spirit battle in the World of Light game mode. During the battle, the player must defeat Link and Zelda on the Tortimer Island stage. If the player touches the bottom floor, they will fall asleep. Once unlocked, Marin provides the "Irreversible Controls" ability, which makes the player immune to left-and-right control reversal.


  • Marin is extremely similar to Malon in both name and appearance. They both possess red hair, love to sing, and have a strong affinity for animals. Their fathers, Tarin and Talon, also have similar names. Hyrule Historia suggests that Marin and Tarin may be the product of Link's memories of Talon and Malon.[5]
  • Interestingly, much of Marin's artwork depicts her with a lyre, although she is never seen using one in game.
  • If Link's Awakening is completed without a single death, Marin appears during the ending, with her wish to become a seagull and fly away seemingly fulfilled. In the Game Boy version, she is seen with wings and flies across the screen. In the DX version, her image appears momentarily and then fades into the silhouette of a seagull flying.
  • Malin Bay from Breath of the Wild is likely named after Marin, due to "Malin" being a possible romanization of her Japanese name.



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