Island Quadruplets

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Island Quadruplets
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Papahl (Father)
Mamasha (Mother)

The Island Quadruplets are four children living in Mabe Village in Link's Awakening. They are the sons of Papahl and his wife Mamasha, and they are so similar to one another, that even Mamasha says she gets confused.[1] A lot of their comments pertain to the controls of the game, which they do not understand and, when questioned, they immediately say "I'm just a kid!" or something to that extent.[2][3][4][5]

Locations and Comments

First Quadruplet

The first quadruplet can be found outside of the Mabe Village Library, playing with a boy that looks just like the quadruplets, except his shirt is red in the DX remake. When Link completes Tail Cave, these two boys are the first to tell him that Madam MeowMeow's Chain Chomp, BowWow, has been kidnapped by Moblins.[6] He is also perplexed when Link tells him that he came from outside of Koholint Island, and he wonders where Marin is after she leaves to go to Animal Village.[7][8]

Second Quadruplet

The second quadruplet stays outside of the Trendy Game. He is extremely confused when Link asks him how long they have been living on the island.[9]

Third Quadruplet

The third quadruplet is near the Dream Shrine. He asks Link what he thinks about Marin, and quickly answers that he's "just a kid" when Link asks him in turn.[10] He also worries about Marin when she leaves, like the first quadruplet. Later, he mentions that there is supposedly a reward hidden within the shrine.[11]

Fourth Quadruplet

The fourth quadruplet is nowhere to be found early in the game. However, later he is seen by the statue of the Flying Rooster, in the center of the village. He will also comment on Marin's disappearance, and repeats what the second quadruplet said about how he does not know how long they have been living on the island.


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