Town Tool Shopkeeper

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Town Tool Shopkeeper
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The Town Tool Shopkeeper is a character in Link's Awakening. He supervises the Town Tool Shop in Mabe Village, where Link can buy a wide variety of items, such as the Shovel, Bow, Arrows, Bombs, and Recovery Hearts. In order to purchase something, Link must pick up the item and take it to the shopkeeper at the desk, where he can pay for it.[1] He yells at Link if he tries to leave the shop while he is looking.[2]

The shopkeeper's gaze follows Link everywhere he goes in the shop, but if he is fast enough, he can manage to steal by circling the shopkeeper and then sneaking out the door while he is looking away, taking the item for free.[3] The Photographer takes a picture of this in the DX version of the game. If Link returns to the shop, the shopkeeper is standing in the center of the room, waiting for him, and he says that he wasn't kidding when he told Link to pay.[4] He then shoots lightning at Link, which kills him.



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