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Gar and Dion




Gar (Fellow Guard)

Dion is a character from the remake of Link's Awakening. He is one of the two Skeletal Guards who can be found in the first room of the Color Dungeon. He protects the entrance of the dungeon along with his partner Gar. Gar will introduce the place as the Color Dungeon and Dion states that Link won't make it very far unless he has some Magic Powder.[1][2] Fortunately, Link can speak with Gar to purchase some.[3] After Link talks to them, they will move aside, allowing Link to enter the dungeon.


  1. This is the Color Dungeon, and we're the color guard! - Gar
  2. You'll need magic powder to get anywhere in here. - Dion
  3. Say the word and I'll sell you some. - Gar