Secret Zora

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Secret Zora
Friendly Zora.png
Photograph of Link and the Secret Zora




The Secret Zora is a character that appears in the DX remake of Link's Awakening. He is found in the house in the northeast corner of Animal Village, in a small pond filled with water. He can only be seen if Link has the Magnifying Lens. He is surprised that Link can see him.[1] The Photographer then enters and takes a picture of the pair together, entitling it "I Found Zora!"[2] Afterward, the Secret Zora tells Link to head to Toronbo Shores to meet someone like him.[3]



  1. "Hey, you can see me?! You must have a magnify- ing glass. I'm not a trouble maker. I just want to live in peace." — Secret Zora, Link's Awakening DX.
  2. "Hi there! It's me, the photo- grapher! You say Zora is in the house? I HAVE to take a picture of that. I'll call it 'I Found Zora.'" — Photographer, Link's Awakening DX.
  3. "If you keep me a secret, I'll tell you some- thing useful. Go to Toronbo Shores, use the magnifying glass and you will find someone like me." — Secret Zora, Link's Awakening DX.