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Secret Goriya
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The Secret Goriya is a character in Link's Awakening. He lives inside a cave on Toronbo Shores, but he can only be seen once Link obtains the Magnifying Lens at the end of the Trading Sequence. He gives Link the Boomerang. He is the only Goriya that appears in Link's Awakening.


When Link first enters with the lens, he finds the Goriya standing behind a table. He tells Link that he found something washed up on the beach and offers to trade it for one of Link's equipped button items.[1] In the original game, he will not accept items that can be bought (such as Magic Powder, Bombs, or the Bow due to Arrows) or upgraded (like the Sword, Shield, or Power Bracelet).[2] In the 2019 Switch remake, he is even more particular, and only accepts the Magic Rod, Shovel, and Bow. His item turns out to be the Boomerang, and the Secret Goriya tells Link to bring it back whenever he is done with it.[3][4]

In the original game and DX remake, if Link speaks to him again, he begs to have the Boomerang back, promising to return Link's previous item.[5] Link can exchange the Boomerang for his former item and vice versa at any time.[6] However, in the 2019 Switch remake, he will instead offer to sell back the item Link traded for 300 rupees, allowing Link to keep both his old item and the Boomerang.[7][8]

The Secret Zora appears to know the Secret Goriya. After meeting him, he tells Link to visit Toronbo Shores in search of someone like him, referring to the fact that both of them are invisible without the Magnifying Lens.[9]



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