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Chef Bear
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The Chef Bear is a character from Link's Awakening. She lives in the southeastern house of Animal Village, where she has a full kitchen. She plays a role in the Trading Sequence.

Once Link obtains the Honeycomb from some bees that attacked Tarin, he can take it to the Chef Bear. The Chef Bear has run out of ingredients, and she is very thankful when Link lets her have the Honeycomb.[2] In return, she gives Link the Pineapple, which can be taken to Papahl.[3] Afterward, she tries to help Link move the Walrus from the path leading into Yarna Desert by suggesting he brings Marin to sing for him.[4] One day, she hopes to open a branch in Mabe Village.[5]

The Chef Bear, like all of the inhabitants of Animal Village, is very fond of Marin. She calls her "Little Marin" and greets her enthusiastically if she follows Link into her house. She is so happy to see her that she almost doesn't acknowledge Link.[6]


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