Animal Village

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Animal Village






In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 どうぶつ村
France Française Village des Animaux
Spain Español Aldea Animal
Germany Deutsch Zoodorf
Italy Italiana Villaggio degli animali
Netherlands Nederlands Dierendorp
Russia Русский Деревня Звериная
South Korea 한국어 동물 마을

The Animal Village is a small settlement in the eastern region of Koholint Island. It is the sister village to Mabe Village.[1] All of the inhabitants are some kind of animal, and they are completely enraptured by Marin's singing.[2]

Link finds the village through an underground passage, which leads to the other side of the river that flows through eastern Koholint Island, after obtaining the Pegasus Boots. On his way to Yarna Desert, he passes through the village. Outside of the village, he finds a sleeping Walrus that is only awakened by Marin singing the Ballad of the Wind Fish. After Marin wakes him up, she stays in the village and sings for the animals. Grandma Yahoo also visits the village later on.



  1. " Hey! Did ya know Animal Village and Mabe Village are sister cities? Yes, even though they aren't large enough to be called cities... Anyway, I heard from a very good source that they have a Dream Shrine in Mabe, and that it has something good inside... Is that true?" — Rabbit, Link's Awakening.
  2. "... ... ... ... It seems to be totally absorbed in Marin's song!" — In-game description of animal, Link's Awakening.