Crazy Tracy's Health Spa

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Crazy Tracy's Health Spa
Crazy Tracy spa.jpg
Inside Crazy Tracy's Health Spa




Crazy Tracy's Health Spa is a location in Link's Awakening. It is owned by Crazy Tracy, where she lives with two rats. She sells the Secret Medicine to Link, which instantly restores his Hearts when he dies.[1] The potion's cost usually varies between 28 Rupees and 42 Rupees,[2][3] although on some occasions she gives Link a discount because she deems him "cute".[4] As bonus treatment, she also restores all of his current hearts.[5] The spa is easily reached by playing Manbo's Mambo, since it is just outside of Manbo's Pond.


Item Name Cost (Rupees)
File:LA Secret Medicine Art.png
Secret Medicine Varies Between 28 and 42 Rupees (and occasional 7 Rupee discounts)



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