Mt. Tamaranch

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Mt. Tamaranch is a mountain situated on Koholint Island. It is the resting place of the Wind Fish's Egg, the location of the final dungeon.[1]

Found in the north of the island, Mt. Tamaranch is in the Tal Tal Mountain Range, with its only entrance leading from Tal Tal Heights. Once Link gathers all of the Eight Instruments of the Sirens, he heads here to play the Ballad of the Wind Fish. This song lets him go inside of the egg, where he can defeat the Shadow Nightmares and awaken the Wind Fish.


  • The name of Mt. Tamaranch possibly comes from the Japanese word "tamaranai" (たまらない), which means "intolerable" or "unendurable".


  1. "The giant egg on top Tamaranch Mountain? They say the Wind Fish is sleeping inside of it... Why? I don't know either..." — Island Quadruplet, Link's Awakening.