Pothole Field

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Pothole Field

Pothole Field is a small region of Koholint Island in Link's Awakening. It can be found just south of Ukuku Prairie, in between the Signpost Maze and Martha's Bay. The area is full of small bushes, some of which will reveal large holes that can be fallen into when cut down. The main part of the field can only be accessed once Link finds the five Golden Leaves, after which Richard informs Link of the passage behind a box in his villa that leads to it.[1] The Slime Key is buried at the end of this maze.

Points of Interest

Richard's Villa

Main article: Richard's Villa

After being forced out of Kanalet Castle, Richard heads to his villa in Pothole Field.[2] The villa has a passage that leads into the main part of the field, where the bushes are.


  1. "Ahh! Tres Bien! I see you have recovered all of the leaves! Now, move this box and you will find your reward!" — Richard, Link's Awakening.
  2. "Salutations! You wouldn't know by the look of me, but I used to live in the castle! My servants went berserk and I was forced to flee to my villa... So, you want the key to Ukuku Prairie, do you? I may be able to help you... Let's make... a deal, shall we? I want you to retrieve the Golden Leaf I left behind in the castle when I fled... Okay No Way" — Richard, Link's Awakening.