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This article is about the object in A Link to the Past and Link's Awakening. For save and warp points in A Link Between Worlds, see Weather Vane.
The Weathercock in Link's Awakening DX



A Link to the Past
Kakariko Village
Link's Awakening
Mabe Village


The Weathercock is a recurring object in The Legend of Zelda series.

A Link to the Past


The Weathercock is located in Kakariko Village main square. By playing the Flute in front of it, Link can release the Duck which helps him to reach several parts of the Light World he wasn't able to reach before, as well as allowing him to travel faster through Hyrule.

Link's Awakening

"Here Sleeps The Flying Rooster"

— Weathercock inscription

The Weathercock is located in the center of Mabe Village. It is also known as the Flying Rooster Statue. Marin can often be found singing next to it and a Mutt wanders around nearby. Link learns from Ulrira about a Flying Rooster who used to give rides to people around the village. After his death, the rooster was buried under the Weathercock.[1] Upon obtaining the L-2 Power Bracelet from Face Shrine, Link can move the Weathercock, allowing him to access a secret cavern underneath. Inside he finds a pile of bones, but if he plays Frog's Song of Soul, he can bring the Flying Rooster back to life.[2]



  1. "'BRRING! BRRING! Hi, it's Ulrira! Have you heard of the Flying Rooster of Mabe Village? In the good old days, it used to give us rides if we held it above our heads... Now it is lying under the Weathercock... Is that useful for you? I hope so! Bye! CLICK!'" — Ulrira, Link's Awakening.
  2. "Wow! The Rooster has recovered! He seems very friendly!" — In-game description, Link's Awakening.