Frog's Song of Soul

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Frog's Song of Soul


Learned from



Awakens the Flying Rooster

Frog's Song of Soul is one of the three songs that can be learned in Link's Awakening. It is learned from Mamu in the Signpost Maze on the Ocarina. If Link pays Mamu 300 rupees, he and the other frogs will sing it for him.[1] It has the power to awaken dead or sleeping things.[2]

The Frog's Song of Soul has two uses in the game. First, it can be used to awaken the Flying Rooster who lies under the weathercock in Mabe Village in order to enter Eagle's Tower. Later, it has the power to awaken the turtle mini-boss outside of the entrance to Turtle Rock.


  1. "Ribbit! Ribbit! I'm Mamu, on vocals! But I don't need to tell you that, do I? Everybody knows me! Want to hang out and listen to us jam? For 300 Rupees, we'll let you listen to a previously unreleased cut! What do you do? Pay Leave" — Mamu, Link's Awakening.
  2. "You've learned The Frog's Song of Soul! It's a very moving tune... It can even liven up unliving things!" — In-Game Description, Link's Awakening.