Manbo's Mambo

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Manbo's Mambo


Learned from



Warps Link to Manbo's Pond (1993/DX)
Warps Link to any warp point (Switch)

Manbo's Mambo is a song learned in Link's Awakening. It is learned on the Ocarina from Manbo the Sunfish. To learn this song, Link must enter a cave west of Angler's Tunnel, then dive using the Flippers, where he meets Manbo and two other, smaller fish. They then perform Manbo's Mambo, teaching Link to play the song on the Ocarina.

It can warp Link to Manbo's Pond, which is convenient when traveling to Crazy Tracy's Health Spa; and to any other warp point in the Nintendo Switch remake.

When played inside a dungeon, Link instead appears at its entrance.