Manbo's Pond

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Manbo's Pond is a small pond in Koholint Prairie located next to Crazy Tracy's Health Spa.[1] It serves as a warp point if Link plays the tune Manbo's Mambo, which can be learned from Manbo in a cave to the left of the Angler's Tunnel entrance at Tal Tal Heights.[2]

In the 2019 remake, once activated with Manbo's Mambo, it can be used to travel to any other activated warp point.


  1. "> Crazy Tracy v Manbo's Pond" — Sign next to Manbo's Pond, Link's Awakening.
  2. "I am Manbo, child of the Sun Fish! When you play my Mambo, you can warp to Manbo Pond! Try this tune in the dungeons, too! Cha-cha-cha!" — Manbo, Link's Awakening.