Moblin Cave

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Moblin Cave
Moblin Hideout.png
Entrance from Link's Awakening DX






Complete Tail Cave





The Moblin Cave[1] is a mini-dungeon from Link's Awakening. The Moblin Chief and his underlings stay here. It is found just outside of Goponga Swamp, in the Tal Tal Heights region. An Owl Statue sits in front of it.


After Link completes Tail Cave, two of the Island Quadruplets inform him that Madam MeowMeow's pet Chain Chomp, BowWow, has been kidnapped by the Moblin Chief and taken to the cave.[2] Link goes to the cave and fights through three rooms full of Moblins and at last defeats the Moblin Chief, rescuing BowWow. BowWow can help Link enter Bottle Grotto.


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