Martha's Bay

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Martha's Bay is a large region of Koholint Island in Link's Awakening. It mainly consists of empty water areas where River Zoras, Buzz Blobs, and occasionally Bombers thrive. However, it also plays a crucial part in the Trading Sequence, and it is the location of the fifth dungeon. A mermaid can be found swimming in the northwest corner of the bay.


Points of Interest

Catfish's Maw

Main article: Catfish's Maw

Catfish's Maw, the third dungeon of Link's Awakening, is found in the very center of Martha's Bay. Link must use the Flippers to dive under the rocks surrounding the dungeon.

House by the Bay

Main article: House by the Bay

The house near Martha's Bay was formerly inhabited by the Ghost, but after his death, it was left unattended and lonely. Once Link completes Angler's Tunnel, the Ghost asks him to take him here before departing to his grave in Koholint Prairie.[1]

Under the Bridge

Main article: Under the Bridge

Link can dive underneath the bridge in Martha's Bay to find the Fisherman. When Link gives him the Fishing Hook, he will catch the missing Mermaid's Necklace.[2] Link can return it to the mermaid, who will give him a scale from her tail.[3]

Mermaid Statue

Main article: Mermaid Statue

A statue made by Schule Donavitch can be found in Martha's Bay.[4] Only accessible after obtaining the Hookshot, the statue can be moved with the Mermaid's Scale.[5] Inside of it is the Magnifying Lens.

Mad Batter

Main article: Mad Batter

One of the three locations of the Mad Batter is in the bay. Link must cross a pit and then go through two different staircases in order to reach his underground home. After throwing Magic Powder on his resting place, the Mad Batter will awaken and allow Link to carry either more Magic Powder, Bombs, or Arrows, depending on how many of the other locations he has visited.[6][7][8][9]


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