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Town Tool Shop
Inside the Town Tool Shop




The Town Tool Shop is a store in Link's Awakening. Found in Mabe Village, Link can purchase basic goods such as Bombs,[1] Hearts,[2] and Arrows[3] here. At certain points in the game, Link can purchase special equipment, like the Deluxe Shovel[4] and the Bow & Arrow.[5] These items cost quite a few hundred Rupees.

Link can also steal these items from the shop. After picking up an item and circling the Town Tool Shopkeeper, he will not be able to keep up and Link can exit while he is not watching. If Link manages to smuggle the item out of the shop, a message appears:

"Guess what? You got it for free. Are you proud of yourself?"

— In-game message

In the DX version of Link's Awakening, a picture of Link stealing the item is taken and added to Link's Photo Album. Additionally, if Link steals an item and gets away with it, he is called THIEF for the rest of the game. If Link enters the shop again after stealing, the shopkeeper kills him.[6]


Item Price (Rupees)
Bow & Arrow Set 980
Deluxe Shovel 200
Shield L-1 20
Arrows ×10 10
Bombs ×10 10
Recovery Hearts ×3 10



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