Koholint Prairie

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The Koholint Prairie is a large area near the center of Koholint Island in Link's Awakening. It is first accessed from the Mysterious Forest that are found to the west. Ukuku Prairie is south of it, Tabahl Wasteland and the Cemetery are to the east, and both Tal Tal Heights and Goponga Swamp are on its northern borders. The area mainly consists of trees and grass, as well as many heavy rocks that can only be lifted with the Power Bracelet.


Points of Interest

Syrup's Hut

Main article: Witch's Hut

The Witch's Hut is a hollowed out dead tree decorated with a skull and owned by Syrup. It is right next to the eastern entry to the Cemetery. If Link brings her the Sleepy Toadstool from the forest, she will make him some Magic Powder.[1] Whenever Link runs out, he merely has to pick another toadstool and return to her for a refill.[2]

Crazy Tracy's Health Spa

Main article: Crazy Tracy's Health Spa

The building owned by Crazy Tracy is located in the north of Koholint Prairie. She sells Link the Secret Medicine, which saves him from death once.[3]

Manbo's Pond

Main article: Manbo's Pond

The pond just outside of Crazy Tracy's Health Spa is supposedly claimed by Manbo, a large fish. After Link learns Manbo's Mambo on his ocarina, he can warp here any time.[4]

Ghost's Grave

Once Link completes Angler's Tunnel, a Ghost begins to follow him and requests to be taken to the House by the Bay.[5] Afterward, he asks to go to his grave in the southwestern corner of Koholint Prairie.[6] The Ghost then tells Link about the Secret Seashell in the House by the Bay.[7] In the DX version of the game, the Photographer takes a picture of Link and the Ghost here. He calls it "I Was Very Afraid."[8]

Piece of Heart

One of the Pieces of Heart in Link's Awakening can be found in the north of Koholint Prairie. It requires Roc's Feather to reach. Link must jump over a ring of holes to obtain it.


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