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Roc's Feather






Named from a large mythological bird, Roc's Feather is an item that allows Link to jump momentarily. It is of most use when avoiding ground-based attacks and jumping over small voids. When paired up with the Pegasus Boots, the jump effect is increased.

Link's Awakening

"Roc's Feather
This legendary treasure has been handed down from olden times on Koholint Island. This magical Feather makes the bearer a body much lighter and allows him to jump very high. The jumping ability bestowed by this Feather is useful for avoiding enemy attacks or jumping over pits.

— Manual
Roc's Feather Sprite from Link's Awakening

In Link's Awakening, Roc's Feather is found in the first dungeon, Tail Cave, in a Treasure Chest. Link can use it to reach items floating above his head such as Recovery Hearts and Magic Powder, and he can jump over pits. It is invaluable in the side-scrolling areas of the game.

Oracle of Ages

The Roc's Feather can be found in the Wing Dungeon. It will give Link the ability to jump to higher places and over small gaps.

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