Angler Key

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Angler Key
LA Angler Key Art.png
Angler Key, from the Japanese manual to Link's Awakening (Game Boy)




Gain access to Angler's Tunnel by unlocking Angler Keyhole


The Angler Key is the key to Level 4: Angler's Tunnel in Link's Awakening, and the third of five dungeon keys in the game.

Link's Awakening

To obtain the Angler Key, Link must defeat a Desert Lanmola in the Yarna Desert, located in the south-east of Koholint Island. Accessing the Desert requires Link to bring Marin to the desert entrance, to awaken the walrus blocking the path by singing Ballad of the Wind Fish.

If Link is not quick, the key may fall into the cave below after defeating the Lamola, but it can still be grabbed after following it down. Once he has the Angler Key, he can use it on the Angler Keyhole at Level 4: Angler's Tunnel, causing the waterfall to try up, revealing the dungeon entrance. He cannot walk straight from the keyhole after using the key to the entrance, he must jump down from the original waterfall source in Tal Tal Heights.


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