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Blocking attacks
Shield surfing

The Shield. Cast from a rare alloy, every Hyrulian Shield is very strong and also extremely light. A young boy like Link can easily wield even the heaviest Shield. It is rumored that the Swordsmiths also make Shields. Unfortunately, the merchants who sell Shields are not at liberty to disclose any information about their origin or who they obtain them from. The Hyrulian people take it for granted that Shields will always be available.

— Nintendo Power Player's Guide

Shields have been with Link for as long as his Swords have and been about as important. Protecting him from all sorts of otherwise fatal damage.

Various Properties

Throughout the years, Link has collected all types of different shields. These types could be wood, metal, iron, or in some cases, a Special Shield.


Wooden Shields are made of wood, and therefore they share properties with its main material. Wood, while durable, will burn when exposed to fire, and considering how much Link's enemies tend to use fire based attacks, this is a fatal weakness for any shield Link carries around. They can usually be stolen by Like Likes.


Metal shields have no special properties besides the fact that being made out of metal, they cannot burn in fire and therefore are much more durable and useful than their wooden counterparts. However, in the newest Zelda title The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, metal shield are given a new characteristic; they are weak against electricity based attacks. They can also be stolen by Like Likes.

Special Shields

These shields are usually only acquirable once per game. These shields have magical or unique properties. These shields will block almost anything, including fire, electrical, and magic attacks. They can also block against rocks from an Octorok or a River Zora. They cannot be stolen by Like Likes. These shields are the best of the entire Zelda series. One example of a special shield is the Mirror Shield


There are three different ways Link uses his shields; Automatic, Manual, and Shield Surfing.


In some games, Link's shield functions automatically, regardless of what Link does. These games are The Legend of Zelda, The Adventure of Link, A Link to the Past, Four Swords, Four Swords Adventures, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks


Starting in Link's Awakening the shield must be used manually, by having it equipped. This function is also used in Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. This function appears again in Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures, in which the shield can bounce some attacks back at enemies.

Ocarina of Time was the first game to require you to press and hold the shield button while the shield was active, but you were able to hold other items as well, this method allowed for two methods of use. He can hold it while crouching, tilting it in whatever direction he faces. He can also, while targeting, focus on his enemy while moving freely and defending with his shield, all at the same time. All manual shields can deflect certain enemy projectiles.

Twilight Princess while using the targeting system, Link automatically lifts his shield in defense. Projectiles can be reflected with the Shield Attack.

Shield Surfing

Starting in Breath of the Wild, any shield could be used as a makeshift sled to slide down mountains or slopes. This provides an effective means of transportation when going downhill at the cost of Link's shield losing durability.

Shields Appearances in Games

This section covers each shield as it is in each Zelda game.

The Legend of Zelda

Link starts out with his first shield, which is unnamed. This can block simple projectiles such as arrows, spears, and rocks. However, it cannot stop magical attacks, like a Wizzrobe attack. Link is able to buy the Magical Shield from any Item Shop that sells it, assuming he has the rupees. This shield can block any projectile thrown at Link, however, it is quickly stolen by Like Likes, whereas the original Shield isn't.

The Adventure of Link

Link continues using his Magical Shield in this game. Link's shield can't be stolen, and blocks all projectiles that come at him.
Link can learn a magic spell that reduces all damage he takes, called the Shield Spell. He can also learn the Reflect Spell that enables his shield to reflect certain enemies' magic attacks back at them.

A Link to the Past

Link receives the Fighter's Shield fairly early on in the game from his uncle. He gets it at the same time as the Fighter's Sword. The Fighter's Shield can be upgraded early on into the Fire Shield. This upgrade can be done two different ways. Link can buy the Fire Shield at a shop for a nice little sum, or he can drop his old shield in the Great Fairy's pond that is near the Waterfall of Wishing, and exchange it there for free. This shield can block fireballs as well as all the stuff the Fighter's Shield can block. Both of these shields can be eaten by Like Likes. The final shield in the game, the Mirror Shield, can be found in Turtle Rock, and is larger and blocks more attacks than the previous two shields. The Mirror Shield can't be eaten by Like Likes, and it can reflect Beamos lasers.

Link's Awakening

Link receives the Level 1 shield at the start of the game. This can block most enemies and their projectiles, push most enemies (including, very importantly, Sea Urchins so that Link can retrieve his Sword) and flip over Spiked Beetles enabling them to be defeated easily. Like Likes can steal this shield, and replacement shields are available from the Town Tool Shop or Trendy Game.

In the Eagle's Tower, Link finds the Level 2 shield (Mirror Shield), which can deflect a wider range of attacks including beams and the flames from the Flame Fountain, and cannot be stolen by Like Likes.

Ocarina of Time

Deku shield.png

There are 3 different shields present in Ocarina of Time, including the Deku Shield, Hylian Shield and the Mirror Shield.

Deku Shield

Main article: Deku Shield

Link can purchase the Deku Shield as soon as he manages to get 40 rupees at the Kokiri Shop. It is a wooden shield though, and has all the properties of wood, meaning it will burn if touched by fire. Link can only equip it as a child, and it is the first shield acquired in the game. It can be used to deflect enemy attacks, such as Deku Scrubs and Octoroks. It can be stolen by Like Likes, which means you will have to go back to Kokiri Forest and purchase another one.

Hylian Shield

Main article: Hylian Shield

The Hylian Shield can either be found in one of the graves in the Kakariko Village Graveyard for free, or purchased at the Castle Town Bazaar for 80 rupees. However, this price is dropped to 60 if you have already given the soldier guarding Death Mountain Trail Zelda's Letter. It can also be used to deflect enemy attacks, and will not burn if touched by fire. It can be worn by Adult or Child Link, though it is too big for kid Link, in which case he can only carry it on his back to defend from above. It can be stolen from Like Likes as well, so you will have to buy it at the Bazaar (or get the one in the graveyard if you haven't already).

Mirror Shield

Main article: Mirror Shield

The Mirror Shield is acquired in the Spirit Temple as the second dungeon item. It is acquired, and can only be used as an adult. It has the special property of deflecting light from the mirror on the front (Hence why it's called the "Mirror Shield"). It cannot deflect back projectiles, as they will just break when hitting it. Since there is only one in the game, this shield cannot be stolen by Like Likes.

Majora's Mask

You start the game with the Hero's Shield, which is incredibly similar in appearance to the Hylian Shield. You can find the Mirror Shield much later on, at the end of the Well in Ikana Canyon. This shield can deflect beams of light, which is incredibly useful in all kinds of cases, including killing ReDeads.

Oracle of Seasons & Oracle of Ages

There are three shields in total Link can obtain in Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages: the Wooden Shield and the Iron Shield. The Mirror Shield can be obtained exclusively when playing a Linked Game.

The Wind Waker

There are 2 different shields Link will acquire on his quest in The Wind Waker, the Hero's Shield, and the Mirror Shield.

Hero's Shield

Main article: Hero's Shield

Link gets the Hero's Shield from his Grandma after Aryll is kidnapped. It normally hangs on the wall upstairs as decoration, but after realizing he will need it, she will give it to him gladly to help him on his quest to save his sister. It can be used to block enemy attacks, and even deflect projectiles, such as Octorok rocks, back at the enemy. If it is used against an enemy holding a weapon, and it hits the shield enough, it will fly out of the enemy's grasp, allowing Link to use it himself!

Mirror Shield

Main article: Mirror Shield

The Mirror Shield is acquired in the depths of the Earth Temple after defeating three Stalfos. It has a mirror on the front side, which is used to reflect beams of light at different objects, which will sometimes crumble them. The light can also be used to stun certain enemies (such as ReDeads). It is the last shield acquired in the game.

Four Swords & Four Swords Adventures

The only shield Link will find throughout these entire games are the ones featured on Item Stands that can be found within the games. It is nameless.

The Minish Cap

You obtain the Small Shield and can obtain the Mirror Shield only once Link has already completed his quest once. You have to fuse Kinstones with a certain Goron (this causes Biggoron to appear) then you have to feed Biggoron Links Small Shield. He will later give you the Mirror Shield. This one works the same way as the Small Shield, only difference being that if a projectile hits it, the shield will fire off a retaliatory beam.

Twilight Princess

There are 3 shields found in Twilight Princess, although two of them share the exact same properties.

Ordon Shield

Main article: Ordon Shield

The Ordon Shield was not originally supposed to go to the ownership of Link, as it was part of the gift that was to be delivered to Hyrule. However, when Link returned to Ordon Village as a wolf, he snuck into Malo and Talo's house where the shield was located. Once the Twilight is gone, Link can use the shield for the first time by simply holding the target button (L/Z).
Being the first shield in the game, the Ordon Shield is very basic. It can block some enemy attacks, but since it is made of wood, it will burn up if touched by fire, in which case you will have to buy a Wooden Shield later on.

Wooden Shield

Main article: Wooden Shield

The Wooden Shield is the second obtainable shield in the game, but it shares all the same properties of the Ordon Shield, the only differences being the size and design.
This shield can be purchased at Malo Mart after clearing the Eldin Province of Twilight.

Hylian Shield

Main article: Hylian Shield

The Hylian Shield makes a return in Twilight Princess, although the design is slightly different than it was in Ocarina of Time. It is a very durable shield made of metal, so it will not burn if touched by fire. Link can buy the Hylian Shield from the Malo Mart in Kakariko Village for 200 Rupees.

The Ordon Shield from Twilight Princess

Phantom Hourglass

The Wooden Shield can be purchased at any of the shops on Mercay, Molida, and Goron Island for 80 rupees. Despite its name, it doesn't qualify as a Wooden Shield since it doesn't burn from fire.

Spirit Tracks

Link can buy the Wooden Shield at many different shops throughout New Hyrule, but the first shop is the one in Castle Town. If Link is able to collect 10 stamps, Niko will reward Link with the Shield of Antiquity, which cannot be stolen by Like Likes. It is the best shield found within the game.
The Shield of Antiquity looks very similar to the shield Link used at the beginning of The Wind Waker.

Skyward Sword

Skyward Sword features the most expansive collection of shields ever. There are 10 different shields that can be acquired throughout the game. These shields are separated by four categories: Wood, Iron, Sacred, and Hylian.


The Wooden Shield from Skyward Sword

There are three different shields featured in Skyward Sword that are part of the Wood family. The first is the Wooden Shield, which can be acquired two different ways. Link can either get it from Instructor Owlan, or from the Gear Shop in the Bazaar. The only difference is that Instructor Owlan gives it to Link for free, where Rupin, owner of the Gear Shop, will sell it to Link for 50 Rupees. The next shield in the wood family is the Banded Shield. It can be acquired by upgrading the Wooden Shield at the Scrap Shop. This upgrade requires 2 Amber Relic, 1 Monster Claw, and 1 Jelly Blob. The cost is 30 Rupees. The final and best shield in the wood family is the Braced Shield. It can be acquired by upgrading the Banded Shield at the Scrap Shop. This upgrade requires 3 Amber Relic, 2 Monster Claw, 2 Tumbleweed, and 1 Ornamental Skull. The cost is 50 Rupees.


The second family of shields in Skyward Sword is the Iron family. The first shield is the Iron Shield, which can be bought at the Gear Shop for 100 Rupees. It is great against fire, but is weak against electricity. It can be upgraded at the Scrap Shop into the Reinforced Shield, a shield that has more endurance than that of the Iron Shield. This upgrade requires 2 Eldin Ore, 2 Monster Claw, and 2 Ornamental Skull. The upgrade costs 50 Rupees. The final shield in the Iron family is the Fortified Shield, which has the best endurance of all three shields. It can be acquired by upgrading the Reinforced Shield at the Scrap Shop. The upgrade requires 3 Eldin Ore, 3 Monster Claw, 3 Tumbleweed, and 1 Blue Bird Feather. The cost is 100 Rupees.


The Sacred shields found within Skyward Sword have some unique characteristics. First off, they can block against fire, electricity, and dark magic attacks. They can also repair themselves if they have taken damage. The first shield in this family is the Sacred Shield. This shield can be purchased at the Gear Shop for 500 Rupees. This shield has a very low endurance level, which is okay because of its self-repairing quality. It can be upgraded at the Scrap Shop into the Divine Shield. This upgrade requires 3 Ornamental Skull, 2 Bird Feather, and 1 Dusk Relic. It costs 100 rupees. This shield has more endurance, so anticipate it lasting a long time. The Divine Shield can be further upgraded into the Goddess Shield at the Scrap Shop. This upgrade requires 4 Dusk Relic, 3 Bird Feather, 3 Monster Horn, and 1 Blue Bird Feather. This upgrade costs 150 Rupees. This shield has quite a lot of endurance, so anticipate it lasting an insane amount of time before breaking.


The final and arguably best shield found within Skyward Sword is the Hylian Shield. This shield will never take damage, meaning it will never break. It can be acquired through beating a certain number of Bosses in the Thunder Dragon's Lightning Round.

A Link Between Worlds

There are two different types of shields in A Link Between Worlds: the regular Shield and the Hylian Shield.


The regular Shield can block most attacks and projectiles. The R button will allow Link to make use of the Shield. If Link is ever grabbed by a Like Like the shield will disappear and he will need to purchase another one.

Hylian Shield

The Hylian Shield is a powerful and strong shield that can deflect magical projectiles as well as physical attacks. Just like a regular shield it can be used with the R button. The Hylian Shield is located on the second floor of Turtle Rock; found in a large chest after defeating four Wizzrobes.