Kokiri Shop

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Kokiri Shop
Kokiri Shop in Ocarina of Time 3D




"We have original forest goods!"

— Sign outside the shop

The Kokiri Shop is a location from Ocarina of Time. It sells various items that can be found around the Kokiri Forest and its surrounding areas.


The Kokiri Shop is located in Kokiri Forest. Like the other buildings in the forest, it resembles a small, hollowed-out tree, but this tree has a flat roof, and a red line painted around the top; a Kokiri girl is perched on an awning above the entrance, serving as a greeter. Link is required to visit the Kokiri Shop in order to purchase the Deku Shield, which he needs alongside the Kokiri Sword to bypass Mido and see the Great Deku Tree.


Name Price (Rupees)
RecoveryHeart.png Recovery Heart 10
ArrowsG Large.png Arrows (10) 20
ArrowsG Large.png Arrows (30) 60
Deku-Seed-Model.png Deku Seeds (30) 30
Deku-Nut-Large.png Deku Nuts (5) 15
Deku-Nut-Large.png Deku Nuts (10) 30
Deku Stick.png Deku Stick 10
Deku Shield OoT.png Deku Shield 40


  • This is the only shop in Ocarina of Time that must be visited in order to complete the game.
  • There is a small outcove to the right of the counter, which contains a Blue Rupee.