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Never grow up (due to Great Deku Tree)[1]
Each has their own fairy partner[2]



Key Characters

The Kokiri are a race of children that never grow up.[1] They are present predominantly in Ocarina of Time, where they live in the Kokiri Forest under the watch of the Great Deku Tree, who is said to be their father.[3]

Each Kokiri has his or her own fairy partner.[2] Saria is one of the most notable member of the Kokiri race. Being, not only Link's best friend,[4] but also the Sage of the Forest.[5] The Kokiri are also under the leadership of Mido;[6] a rude and disrespectful young man who adores Saria. In addition to that, they praise the deity in Kokiri Forest, the Great Deku Tree. The Kokiri also believe that they will die if they leave the forest.[7]




Once Link returns to the Kokiri Forest as an adult in search of the Forest Temple, he finds that although he grew up, all the other Kokiris didn't. Because of this, most Kokiri do not recognize him, calling him mister and asking if he has ever meet a boy named Link.[8] They all seem to have a mean attitude towards Link, as Mido apparently told them Link hurt the Deku Tree.[8]


Main article: Korok

In The Wind Waker, Breath of the Wild, and Age of Calamity, the Kokiri have changed to the form of Koroks.[citation needed] Only one member of the original Kokiri tribe appears in The Wind Waker, and that is the Sage of Wind, Fado. Fado is merely a spirit, killed by Ganondorf when he broke free of his seal before the flood.


  • Although all the Kokiri believe that they will die if they leave the forest,[7] they can be seen celebrating at the Lon Lon Ranch during the ending credits.


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