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This article is about the Kokiri in Ocarina of Time. For the town in The Adventure of Link, see Water Town of Saria.






Saria is a character from Ocarina of Time.

Ocarina of Time

Saria is a member of the Kokiri who live in Kokiri Forest under their guardian, the Great Deku Tree. She is Link's best friend, happily being the first to greet and congratulate him upon his receiving Navi as a fairy partner.

When Link leaves the forest, Saria is waiting for him. Obviously distraught to learn of his imminent departure, she gives him the Fairy Ocarina as a memento and a reminder of their friendship.

If Link returns to the forest before he meets Princess Zelda, Saria is standing in her house and is glad to see he's alright. After visiting Zelda, he finds Saria deep in the Lost Woods in the Sacred Forest Meadow, Saria teaches Link "Saria's Song", a melody that allows Link to communicate with Saria at any time.

Seven years later, after Ganondorf has obtained the Triforce of Power and taken control of Hyrule, Link learns by talking to the Kokiri that Saria sensed something wrong happened to the Forest Temple, so she went there to check and saw the place was crawling with monsters. She then became trapped by the monsters in the temple and Link must fight his way through the temple to save her. After Link defeats Phantom Ganon and saves Saria, she awakens as the Sage of Forest, telling Link that as a Sage she cannot accompany him, but will continue to help him along his quest, urging him to accept his fate.

It is implied that Saria actually have deeper feelings for Link, since when she's awakened as a Sage, she talks about how they can't be together because she has to stay in the Sacred Realm. A clearer sign of that is an incomplete sentence Mido says after Link completes the forest temple: "But...I...I made a promise to Saria... If Link came back, I would be sure to tell him that Saria had been waiting for him... Because Saria...really... liked".

Saria assists the other Sages in sealing Ganondorf away in the Dark World at the end of the game. She is last seen in the credits looking over Hyrule with the other newly awakened Sages on Death Mountain.



  • After Link obtains the Ocarina of Time, if he plays Saria's Song and talks to Saria as a child, she will say that his ocarina sounds different and asks if he had been practicing much.