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Master Craftsman






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Granny (wife)
Cucco Lady (daughter)
Master Craftsman's Son (son)

The Master Craftsman[1] is a character from Ocarina of Time.

Ocarina of Time

The Master Craftsman's entire family resides in Kakariko Village. His wife Granny, runs Granny's Potion Shop, whereas his two children, the Cucco Lady and the Master Craftsman's Son can be found around the village.

When Link is a child, the Master Craftsman can be found during the daytime, standing in front of a tree in Kakarko Village. He and the Carpenters have been hired by Impa to improve the village and turn it into a true city. However, he is constantly complaining about how lazy his Carpenters are. Construction of the Shooting Gallery had begun and it is completed sometime in the seven years before Link becomes an adult.

When Link is an adult, the Master Craftsman and his carpenters traveled to Gerudo Valley. Link meets the Master Craftsman after crossing the broken bridge in Gerudo Valley that leads to the Gerudo's Fortress. The Master Craftsman informs Link that the Gerudo have abducted his carpenters and asks Link to rescue them.

The Master Craftsman is also involved in the Trading Sequence for Biggoron's Sword. After Link gives him the Poacher's Saw that his son Grog left behind in the Lost Woods, he will reward him with the Broken Goron's Sword.

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