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Wounded Soldier








Shiro (Majora's Mask counterpart)

The Wounded Soldier is a character from Ocarina of Time.

Ocarina of Time

The Wounded Soldier is a Hylian Soldier who appears only once in the game, right before Link enters the Temple of Time with all three Spiritual Stones. He is found at the Back Alley in Hyrule Castle Town. He will inform Link of Ganondorf's betrayal of the Royal Family of Hyrule and Princess Zelda's escape. He recognizes Link as the boy from the forest that Princess Zelda was waiting for. He mentions that Link should take the Ocarina of Time received from Princess Zelda and hurry to the Temple of Time.[1] After this one interaction, the Wounded Soldier will pass away.[2]

This soldier can only be found during this short period of time. Once Link becomes an Adult, the soldier will no longer be there. Due to this discrete location, and the short period where the Soldier can actually be found, he is often completely missed by the player.


  1. "Unnngh...are you the boy from the forest...? I-I-I've finally met you... I-I-I have something to t-t-tell you... Ganondorf, the Gerudo King of Thieves, betrayed our King... Zelda's nanny, Impa, sensed danger and escaped from the castle with our Princess... I tried to stop Ganondorf's men from chasing them...but... The Princess was...waiting for a boy from the forest...that's you... She wanted to give something to the boy... If you received it from the Princess, hurry...to the Temple of Time...." — Wounded Soldier, Ocarina of Time.
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