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This article is about the Goddess of Wisdom. For the Oracle of Ages, see Nayru (Oracle).
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"Nayru... Poured out her wisdom onto the land, and gave it the spirit of law."

Nayru, commonly referred to as the Goddess of Wisdom in historical, verbal tales and literature, is one of the three Golden Goddesses in the legend of the creation of Hyrule. Princess Zelda is the only known character who possesses the essence of Nayru, the Triforce of Wisdom. When Link casts the spell made out of her essence, Nayru's Love, a shield of light will appear around him for protection.

Nayru is often depicted with a string instrument or singing. Because of her association with water, her main color is blue. Nayru's crest is the Mark of Nayru.


Ocarina of Time

Within the tale told by the Great Deku Tree, Nayru is depicted as one of the three goddesses to have created the land of Hyrule. She is said to have put her wisdom into the world to create the law, and the life Farore created would uphold such a law.

The Wind Waker

Throughout The Wind Waker, Nayru is not mentioned often. Even though Nayru's figure is not seen, her essence is stored within one of three Pearls. Link must retrieve her pearl, which was entrusted to Jabun, last. He must then set it in her statue on Southern Triangle Island in order to raise the Tower of the Gods from out of the Great Sea.

Twilight Princess

Nayru is one of the Golden Goddesses seen in the monument contained within the throne room of Hyrule Castle in Twilight Princess. The Light Spirit, Lanayru, tells Link a compressed story of the history of the three goddesses of whom created Hyrule. Lanayru then tells of how the knowledge of the Sacred Realm became more widespread, causing a war and bringing about the Dark Interlopers, those of whom excel at magic. After the sorcerers attempted to gain power over the Sacred Realm, the goddess Nayru came in to command the Light Spirits, in which she granted them the power to intervene and seal away the magic the interlopers controlled.