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Sharp in Ocarina of Time





Member of

Ocarina of Time
Composer Brothers of Hyrule
Royal Family of Hyrule
Majora's Mask
Royal Composer Brothers of Ikana
Ikana Royal Family




Flat (Brother)

Sharp is the eldest of the Composer Brothers. His little brother's name is Flat. As reoccurring characters in the The Legend of Zelda series, they appear as musically talented Poes. When they were living, they composed songs for the Royal Family of Hyrule and Ikana Royal Family.


Ocarina of Time

Link finds Sharp in Kakariko Village Graveyard by reading a specific tombstone. Once Link attacks and defeats Sharp, he gives in and tells Link the story of his past. Sharp and his brother wrote the "Sun's Song", whose notes are hidden inside the Royal Family's Tomb.

Majora's Mask

Sharp in MM.jpg

Before the game's storyline, Sharp and Flat were highly respected composers of Ikana Canyon. Sharp changed that, though, by selling his soul to the devil and sealing his brother Beneath the Ikana Graveyard. Because of his hatred for his brother and how he betrayed him, this caused Flat to write the Song of Storms by putting all of his anger and sadness into song. When Link comes to Termina, he finds Flat's ghost in the graveyard, which is where he learns the Song of Storms. Link then uses this song to cleanse Sharp of evil.