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The Rosa Sisters are twin dancers who are a part of Gorman's Troupe which is set to perform during the Carnival of Time. Judo is the name of the sister in the red dress and Marilla is the name of the one in the blue. The two sisters have an entry in the Bombers' Notebook but it only takes up one slot.

Judo and Marilla Rosa spend most of the their time working on a dance to perform. During the day they are found wandering around in the Stock Pot Inn with Judo walking upstairs, downstairs, in the upstairs hall, and lobby; whilst Marilla walks around in Troupe's room. Both of them are contemplating about what to do about their dance. They want to add more to it without having it become too boring and they cannot change the song either due to it's composer, Guru-Guru. They are also upset at the idea that they might have to perform their dance without having seen the stage and not having a rehearsal.

During the night on the First and Second Day, they can be found practicing what they have made up of their dance so far and they don't want to be bothered. On the Third Day they are nowhere to be found since Gorman and the Troupe left Stock Pot Inn after Gorman discovered that their performance was canceled.

After Link obtains the Kamaro's Mask from the spirit of Kamaro, he can use it to help the sisters in their dilemma of trying to figure out their dance. By performing in front of the sisters while wearing the mask at night on either of the first two days, it helps them figure out what moves to perform and they take Kamaro's dance as their own. In gratitude, the twins deem Link to be their master, give him a Piece of Heart, and ask for him to come to their performance. After this is done, it completes their entry in the Bomber's Notebook. If this is done before the Second Day, Link will find the two girls sitting on a bed in their inn room looking upset.

In the end credits, they are seen performing their dance perfectly using the moves taught to them by Link on the stage at the Milk Bar. A guard, the same one that watched them during Link's tutorial, is present and is watching the performance. They are also seen dancing to the music that The Indigo-Go's are playing during an earlier scene in the end credits.


  • The Rosa Sisters are some of the few characters who do not share a design with a character from Ocarina of Time.