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Toto is a character from Majora's Mask. He is the manager of the popular and world-famous Zora band: The Indigo-Go's. He went to Clock Town, where they were originally going to perform, to cancel their anticipated performance due to Lulu losing her voice. During the day, Toto can be found in Mayor Dotour's office, whereas at night, he can be found sitting in the Milk Bar. He is only present during the first two days, as on the Final Day it is presumed he evacuated.

Disappointed by the cancellation of the concert due to Lulu's vocal problems, Toto asks Link to do a sound check, and play the various parts of the Indigo-Go's old standby, the Ballad of the Wind Fish, with the Ocarina of Time and the instruments it transforms into when Link himself uses masks to transform. Gorman heckles the performance, but once it all comes together is reminded of why he came into showbusiness. Toto tells him about the song, dating from the time Lulu's mother was the lead singer of the band. As an apology for his rudeness, he gives Link the Troupe Leader's Mask.